Support, Equipment & Funding

There are a great deal of supports and services available to you to help you live successfully with spinal cord injury.

Sometimes the difficulty is finding the right support at the right time!

This section provides information about funding or allowances, equipment and environmental modifications, and/or services that can help you do what you need to do and want to do.

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If you live in the city or in rural or regional Victoria, it is likely that your local council has an access worker. This means they have employed someone who is assisting to make your local community a more disability-friendly place.

Legal advice VCAT Hearing 45

Caring for a spinal cord injury can be very expensive. Early legal advice can often provide you and your family with some comfort about future financial security.

Wheelchair maintenance tac H4K2551 copy

Maintaining your wheelchair is relatively easy, and because it will save you a lot of time and trouble in the future, it’s important and worthwhile to do it regularly. Keeping your wheelchair in its best working order will make it safe for you, and prolong its life.

Wheelchair cushions and spinal cord injury

The correct cushion is invaluable in assisting with good posture, balance, comfort, function and pressure distribution when using a wheelchair.

Seating systems and spinal cord injury chairman

When the term 'Seating System' is used, this refers to your wheelchair, cushion, back support and any features that your wheelchair has that can adjust the way you sit.

Power wheelchairs

Power wheelchairs are commonly used by individuals with a SCI.