Diet and nutrition

Healthy bowels fruit veges

A bowel program is often used to help your bowels become regular and predictable. This program usually involves medications, a high fibre diet and a high fluid intake.

Making the right food choices sandwich

Tips and sample meal plans to help you make better food choices if you are trying to lose weight.

Maintaining a healthy weight healthyweight

It is important to maintain a healthy weight. This will help to keep you feeling and looking well, and able to do all the things you need to each day.

Protein and vitamins citrus

Eating a healthy diet can help support your immune system and keep your skin in good condition. This will help reduce the chance of infections and pressure sores. Eating a healthy diet will also reduce the need for vitamin and mineral supplements.

Nutrition StirFry

Good nutrition helps keep you in good health. If you have a spinal cord injury eating well is even more important, as it can help your body resist infection and maintain good skin, bladder and bowel habits.

Diet and nutrition medications

A healthy and balanced diet may be supplemented by medicines.