How do I move?

Paralysis after SCI has a big impact on your ability to move the way you used to. Damage to the spinal cord interrupts signals travelling to and from the brain carrying messages essential for movement. Some recovery of muscle function is often seen in the initial stages after SCI but unfortunately some muscle function does not return.

People with SCI often need to learn new ways to move in order to achieve independence despite their paralysis. It is scary and frustrating and takes a lot of hard work but physical rehabilitation is an important part of recovery after SCI. Health professionals with expertise in managing spinal cord injury can help you to understand what is possible and lead you through the process of learning a completely new set of movement skills.

This section covers:

  • How the body moves, the impact of SCI on ability to move and the recovery of movement after SCI
  • Principles of physical rehabilitation
  • How people with complete SCI move
  • How people with incomplete SCI move