Bowel care

How can I manage my bowel? toilet seat2

When you have a spinal cord injury, you no longer have voluntary control over emptying your bowel. However, if managed well, good bowel emptying habits can be established, helping to maintain a normal lifestyle.

Some common bowel problems

You might need to change some aspect of your bowel management program if it is not working for you. Often the solution to a problem is not difficult to find. This article describes some possible problems and solutions.

Bowel complications

Even though a spinal cord injury will affect your bowel function, you can avoid many of the common complications by eating a healthy diet, high in fibre, and maintaining a regular routine.

Funding for continence or bowel equipment commode 2

Funding for continence, or bowel, equipment for people living with a spinal injury depends on whether or not you are covered by insurance.

Using a suppository or enema Toilet

In your routine of managing your bowel, you may need to use a suppository or enema. This article outlines the steps depending on which you use.

Bowel medications

Bowel medicines are usually taken regularly to help establish a bowel routine or ‘bowel days’ for going to the toilet.