Bladder care

How do I initially manage my bladder? catheter bag 1

Immediately after a spinal cord injury, management is the same for both types of bladders (UMN and LMN).

How do I manage my bladder in the long term? spc

After spinal shock has subsided, your bladder requires different types of management, according to what type of neurogenic bladder you have.

Evaluation and tests

Working out the specific functioning of your renal system post your spinal cord injury is vital. Only after this is done can an effective management plan be put in place.

Bladder complications

Your renal and urinary systems have been compromised by your spinal injury, and urinary tract complications are common. To help avoid these, it’s essential that your bladder is managed appropriately.

Funding for continence or urinary equipment catheter bag 4

Information about funding for continence, or urinary, equipment for people living with a spinal injury.

Bladder medications

Bladder spasms are common after a spinal cord injury and cause urinary incontinence. There are several medicines used to reduce the symptoms of bladder problems.