Skin care

How do I look after my skin? 18 reflex heat Spinal illust G11100

Your skin needs extra care after a spinal cord injury. The lack of sensation and reflex activity in your post-spinal cord injury skin means that nature's warning system has been turned off.

Pressure relief and skin care in bed muscle wastage

There are a number of ways the incidence of pressure injuries caused through sleep and bed rest can be minimised.

Commode or shower chair use commode 1

Take care when using your commode chair or shower bench and with showering and washing to prevent injury and damage your skin.

Skin complications skin diagram 1

When you have a spinal cord injury the risk of trauma to your skin and underlying tissue is high.

Pressure relief and skin care in the wheelchair muscle wastage

Taking the pressure off can help prevent skin injuries. 

Skin medications

Maintaining healthy skin is an important part of living with a spinal cord injury.