Common misconceptions because you're in a wheelchair?

Postby ozherbie » Wed Apr 24, 2013 10:43 pm

I'm looking to start a new video blog series dedicated to countering the common misconceptions that people in wheelchairs experience on a regular basis. I'm talking about things like assuming you must have some kind of mental or learning disability just because you happen to be in a wheelchair or assumptions you must be hard of hearing because you're in a wheelchair, or assumptions that you can't do certain things just because of the wheelchair. That kind of thing.

Now I've been in a wheelchair for 28 years now so I've got more than my fair share of these situations and misconceptions that I've encountered but I'm really looking for stories from others as well. What happened, how did you handle it, and looking back, was it the way you'd handle it now?

I appreciate any and all responses to this. Thanks in advance.
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Re: Common misconceptions because you're in a wheelchair?

Postby Cinderella1964 » Thu May 16, 2013 8:13 pm

Hi there, I have just joined this site and think its a great idea.I was in a wheel chair for around 2 years.I found just to go to my local milk bar very frustrating as there was 3 high steps,hard enough to wheel down there, i was stumped when i could not get up the steps.My older brother rang the local council and complained.Two weeks later they had put a concrete ramp in the end of the walkway.All local small milk bars,anywhere someone needs to go should all be equip t with ramps and smooth ones at that.I am now walking with no aid after a lot of hard work but sympathize with those that still need to be able to access everywhere. Good luck and i hope your video blog goes well.
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Re: Common misconceptions because you're in a wheelchair?

Postby Serge » Wed Jun 22, 2016 1:14 pm

One thing I have discovered as a person with a disability, many people think that just because I'm in a wheelchair or walk funny I am intellectually disabled and hard of hearing. I can tell by their way of speaking to me. Loud, articulate and with an overly easy language, like they would talk to a small child. Even more annoying is when they talk to my personal aide instead of me. Or anyone else in my company.
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