Tidal River- Wilsons Prom. Acessible Cabins and Equipment

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Wilson Promontory

Tidal River, in the beautiful Wilsons Promontory (around 3 hrs SE from Melbourne), has two accessible cabins for use, and some equipment to help access the beach and trails. Parks Victoria is in the process of renovating and is hoping more people will be able to access some of the beauty Victoria has to offer.

She-Oak and Wirilda Cabins are accessible and available for bookings now.
She-Oak will be fitted with an electric bed soon (by April '12)

Prices are around $171 per night for 2 people (As of Jan ‘12)

Camping sites in the area are also available with some shared accessible bathrooms (no hoists)

Equipment that can be booked:
Beach Wheelchair
(Comes apart to fit in car. Assistance is required to push)

Trailrider - allows a person to get to 'inaccessible' places with the help of sherpers (friends!)
(min 2 people to assist- 4 for longer walks, and must provide own helmet)

Bookings and enquiries can be made to the Tidal River Information Centre:
5680 9555
(Specific needs should be discussed when booking.)

Further info can be found online; http://parkweb.vic.gov.au/explore/parks ... essibility

For other off road equipment advice, contact Campbell, Royal Talbot Leisure Department;
9490 7343 or Campbell.message@austin.org.au
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