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Postby krissielee » Fri Feb 19, 2016 10:29 am

My chap has a friend, Michael, who is a quadriplegic.
About 6 mths ago Michael started complaining of having spiders living in his skin, he could feel them crawling around. Michael lives with his father and has carers from around 6am til 8pm, when the complaint gets too much someone calls an ambulance. The problem is the hospital don't seem overly fussed and his Dr keeps telling him to get an MRI at the hospital (to the best of our knowledge this hasn't been done). Last night when my chap went to visit his friend, Michael told him that the spiders were making him crazy and he wanted to kill himself.
We don't really know details of the accident, he moved into my partners street around 6 years ago and he was already injured.
I don't really know what I'm hoping to find here, just advice I guess on what we can do or where else we can go?
We're on the Central Coast of NSW.
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