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Postby ErikaAardvark » Wed Apr 23, 2014 4:46 pm

Hi! My name is Erika Riecken and I am an associate producer at Aangry Aardvark Studio, a community film studio based out of Perth, Australia. Our current project is entitled "Good With Words", and it's a romantic comedy. It's a great project and we're really excited about it. One unique and exciting aspect of the film is that the main character, Gabe uses a wheelchair. He's a brilliant Uni-student looking for love. Gabe is living with a T10 injury from a motorbike accident. We want "Good With Words" to be more than just a great romantic comedy, we want it to be an accurate portrayal of the challenges that Gabe faces.

We are committed to accurately portraying life as a paraplegic (anybody else have problems with "Avatar"?) and, to that end, have brought on a few experts/coaches to help us adjust the script and train our actors. We think we have it pretty close, but would like to open it up to a larger pool of reviewers. We want your opinion of our script. We want to "get this right" and need your help.

You can find out more and get the latest updates about our project on facebook

However, if you are interested in reading the script and giving us your feedback, we'd be very grateful. You can read the script here:

Thanks for your help,

Erika Riecken
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