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Postby Travis » Wed Mar 05, 2014 12:32 pm

I'm writing on behalf of my father in-law about accommodation for the future. He had his injury 3 months ago and we at the stage of trying to workout whats best for his independence when it comes to housing. We are going through the options but the question I have is, is it possible or does it happen often that a group of people all in wheel chair, form their own 'share house'? This would mean all sharing the cost of the care work (and in turn making it cheaper per-person) and also forming a community to help each other out.

Also, if this does happen, what would be the best way to find these group. ( he lives in Melbourne)

I am asking this as we are trying to workout some middle ground between living at home by himself or living in a retirement home even though he is only 60 year old.

Thanks for any advise you can give us.

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