Can you give advice pls

Postby Azza » Sun Dec 08, 2013 6:08 pm

I'm a client at a disability supported accommodation and I'm having problem here I had thought I had the right to choose carers which hasn't been a priority because that carers still works with me which I don't want
staff aren't turning up to there shifts which greatly affects my quality of life there are no communication between staff,coordinator and clients this problem has been raised many times to this company and nothing's been done about it it has affected me emotionally I've been depressed,frustrated,angry please can you give me advice
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Re: Can you give advice pls

Postby CoolMobility » Wed Dec 11, 2013 9:26 am

Contact your Case Worker and explain problem. If you have an ISP you may be able to move the funding from the poorly performing supplier to another for you or the whole house.

Name the poor provider to get a stronger voice to them (or at least threaten to name them). Threats can be dangerous but often are the most effective way to have a company sit up and listen to you.

Dealing with large carer suppliers can be difficult as they are used to clients just "taking what they give". You need to show 'backbone' (excuse the pun) and show them you are someone who has to be listened to or you can damage their reputation on Forums like this.

My supplier is now a little intimidated by me as I will NOT accept poor performance and they know I can move to another supplier and I pay their bills as I am now on direct payments where I receive the Department funding into a dedicated account from which I pay to fees - this gives me greater power to dispute any opvercharging by refusing to pay their Invoices till it is sorted and revised Invoice issued.

You need to do what you feel comfortable with - but you MUST do something, even if it is just phoning the company again and again.
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