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Hi Guys,

Who's responsibility is it to cover the differences in costs associated (for seating upgrade) when a disabled person cannot fit into standard economy seat. TAC, the airline, the disabled passenger ???

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Postby CoolMobility » Wed Jun 12, 2013 2:06 pm

If you can't fit into a standard seat, it is YOUR responsibility to pay for upgrade. Same as is your responsibility to pay for normal seat.

Airline can refuse to allow you to travel if you book a normal seat and then impose conditions such as needing two seats due to obesity. If too obese to fit into one seat you may be able to book two seats, but carriage is up to airline on OH & Safety basis. Also, airlines can refuse to locate you in escape route areas that often have better leg room.

You need to be more specific as to why you can't fit into normal seat.
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