Do I need an institution to apply for a grant?

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Do I need an institution to apply for a grant? Can I provisionally apply while searching for an institution? Can I apply at my current position and then transfer the grant? (and if so, could someone comment on the politics involved?) Can I start my own institution and then apply for a grant (eg as a SME or private business and rent time at an incubator)? If I have an idea, how do I approach a new institution, or do I have to be \'pulled in\' by someone there? If someone is willing to pull me in, how can I go about approaching the grant writing concurrently?

I realize this must be obvious but I could use some help or some recommended sources for reading. I am interested in both America and Europe though American is my priority.

Please help.

I didn't find the right solution from the internet.

References: ... 77&p=35965
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Thank you
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