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Spinal injured people end up using our arms and shoulders like legs and hips, which is not what they were built for. At the minimum it's definitely smart to explore some simple exercises to maintain strength and flexibility.
Since converting to quadhood, I've come up against some postural and functional deteriorations, and hunted out people who can help. I became aware that my posture was sliding off-centre, and as my sitting lost symmetry, I lost balance, and was tending towards scoliosis (yuk), and felt I was gradually sinking lower into the chair. Even more distressing was pain in my neck and shoulders, and sometimes down my arms, clearly neck related.
How lucky was I to find a teacher of the Alexander Technique who is also a physiotherapist! Thanks to her and our playful experiments, I feel my 25+ chair years have been largely free of pain. Over the years we have tried balance ball work, floor work and a few other unusual ideas.
When she was unable to see me, my teacher referred me to a cranio-sacral osteopath, who has also been most helpful in maintaining good condition.
Both these methods are non-manipulative.
Look around, and allow yourself to fid the help to reach the best condition you can manage.
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