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Postby JoeClark » Wed Nov 22, 2017 11:39 pm

I recently ( sept) had a fall from 6 feet backwards onto concrete, I was taken to hospital and went into AUR (acute urinary retention where you cant wee atall) so was catheterized,

Mri showed no damage to spine ! The urologist couldn’t explain the reason for my AUR and my lower back is very painful since I fell,

Could the force of a heavy fall have caused my AUR or could the mri have missed something ?

Please help.

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Re: Help !

Postby zagam » Mon Jan 29, 2018 1:47 pm

Some SCI can only be seen on t2 MRI. Though rare a cracked rib can cause SCI. With MRI there will always be radiological evidence. This was not always the case with x-rays.

Most likely your urinary tract has just gone evil post-SCI. External urethral sphincter now blocks catheters?

Voiding post-SCI without a sphincterotomy is dangerous. If you can no longer get catheters in then will need suprapubic catheter or sphincterotomy.

37011 SUPRAPUBIC STAB CYSTOTOMY, not being a service associated with a service to which items 37200 to 37221 apply (Anaes.)

36854 CYSTOSCOPY, with endoscopic incision or resection of external sphincter, bladder neck or both (Anaes.)

With low SCI then can just cut EUS, with a higher injury they do BN as well. If EUS is cut you will trigger void. If both are cut you will leak constantly.
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