Why leisure?[edit]

What you do for leisure is all about what is important to you and it is essential in our lives! Going out with mates for a coffee through to competing in sport might seem incomparable, though the drivers and motivators for doing these things are probably remarkably similar. When we're involved in satisfying leisure activities you feel good, have fun, gain a sense of achievement, control and freedom, share a laugh and feel connected.

Leisure activities are freely chosen, can be done in a place where you feel comfortable, with people you like to be with and leave you feeling good about yourself. Leisure can be recreational activity, creative arts, social activity or competitive sport.

After a spinal cord injury you may think that the things you did for leisure in the past are not possible any more. You may also be at a different stage in your life and ready for a change in your leisure pursuits. The following pages of SpinalHub are devoted to all things leisure, with ideas, suggestions and contacts that may help you develop an interest or rekindle a passion. You are welcome to share your leisure experiences in the forum page.

Another great site that takes you to all corners of the world and possibility in all things leisure is d-ability.org Definitely worth a visit!