The creative experience

Being creative can be any activity that you enjoy, that encourages you to do something a little different from before. This is not limited to the traditional arts like painting, drawing, craft, music and theatre. Individuals can be creative in cooking, gardening, personal styling and home interiors.

Developing your own creative potential[edit]

There are many places that can assist you in discovering your creative side. You can learn a new skill or expand on an existing one. Organisations such as Neighbourhood Houses, Community Living and Learning Centres and TAFES offer programs of varying lengths to cater for different ability levels and creative aspirations.

For example you could be involved in a one day workshop in African drumming or do a 10 week term in artwork. A huge range of classes are available within your own local community. You local council website is a good place to start looking.

Experiencing the creative expression of others[edit]

Attending exhibitions, galleries, theatres, festivals or musical performances allows us to enjoy and experience creativity from a different perspective. There are many opportunities to do this at no cost.

There is no admission fee to view the permanent collection at the National Gallery of Victoria (NGV). Both the Ian Potter Centre in Federation Square and the International Gallery in St Kilda Rd have wonderful art works worth visiting. The Melbourne Symphony Orchestra holds free community concerts each year at the Sidney Myer Music Bowl and they are enjoyed by thousands of people each year. There are many festivals around Melbourne including Moomba and Australia Day that hold free music concerts in local parks with performers ranging from jazz, rock and hip hop.

Discount and free tickets to events[edit]

Arts Access creates opportunities and access to the arts and cultural activity for people with a disability, illness and people who are disadvantaged. The ticketing service-EASE provides over 15,000 free and reduced price tickets to members each year. They provide information about access to venues and a personalised seating service. It is also worth enquiring to see if you meet the eligibility criteria for a Companion card which enables you to pay a single entry fee for Victorian events for yourself and not that of your companion.

Creative Programs[edit]

Creativity Australia is just one organisation that has been successful in bring people together in fun programs that build creative skills. "With One Voice" is a program that recognises each person's unique voice in a choir format. They bring together people of all ages and from all walks of life, cutting across socioeconomic, cultural, religious, generational and linguistic barriers in the pursuit of harmony. Community based choirs are a way to meet new people and enjoy expressing yourself. The Other Film Festival Launched in 2004 is Australia's only disability film festival screening new cinema by, with and about people with disabilities. The festival offered something for everyone with a full program of compelling films that explore the diverse experiences of disability, mental illness and deafness.