Travel resources within Australia


NICAN provides a free information service Australia wide on accessible accommodation, tourist attractions and tour operators. You map your trip and they can send out a list of accessible accommodation options. NICAN also administers the Carer Concession Card. Card holders receive a 10% discount on their standard full economy and business class domestic travel, in addition to 50% off their carer's fares (conditions apply). Please note that the Carer Concession Card does not apply to already discounted fares. There is a 50% discount for the card holder on some business flights.

Contact Nican at P.O. Box 407 , Curtin, ACT 2605.

Phone: 1800 806 769. Website:

The Wheelies Handbook of Australia[edit]

The Wheelie's Handbook of Australia by Colin James. Published by Colin and available at the Wheelie's Handbook of Australia website (Go to Order Form Page). Other resources are listed in the Handbook.

Wheelchair Accessible tracks in the Grampians National Park[edit]

Wheelchair Accessible tracks in the Grampians National Park, Victoria, Australia available from Grampians National Park Centre.

Phone (03) 5356 4381.