Taxis and wheelchairs

What is a Maxi Taxi?[edit]

A Maxi Taxi is a specially designed taxi to carry one or more people in wheelchairs. They are useful if you need to stay in your wheelchair whilst travelling.

If you need a Maxi Taxi it is best to book ahead. You can book on line at or contact the following agents: Yellow Cabs: 13 MAXI (13 6294) Silvertop Taxi: (03) 8413 7202

Catching a standard taxi[edit]

If you use a manual wheelchair and can transfer into the passenger seat of the taxi, or you don't use a manual wheelchair, you can use a standard taxi.

Lifting or loading fee[edit]

If you hold a Multi Purpose Taxi Program (MPTP) M31 card there is a $10 lifting fee paid electronically to the driver by the Victorian Taxi Directorate. This is to compensate the driver for the extra time taken in loading the vehicle. This fee is never paid by you as the passenger.