Multi purpose taxi program

Getting around by taxi can be a useful transport option. The Multi Purpose Taxi Program and specially designed accessible vehicles can make travelling by taxi a little easier when you have limited mobility.

What is the Multi Purpose Taxi Program?[edit]

If your injury means that you are unable to take public transport, you can join the Multi Purpose Taxi Program, which will significantly reduce the cost of your taxi trips. The Multi Purpose Taxi Program is administered by the Victorian Taxi Directorate. If you become a member you will get half-price taxi fares. The program pays up to $60 per trip.

How Can I Become a Member?[edit]

You can become a member of the Multi Purpose Taxi Program if you:

  • live in Victoria, and
  • have a severe and permanent disability, and
  • have a disability that means you can't use public transport by yourself.

To become a member you also need to either:

  • use a wheelchair all the time, or
  • hold a Department of Veterans' Affairs Pensioner Concession Card or gold Repatriation Health Card, or
  • hold certain Pensioner Concession or Health Care Cards from Centrelink, or
  • be able to show you have financial hardship by providing financial information.

How can I apply?[edit]

For more information about eligibility, and how to apply go to: Multi Purpose Taxi Program Address: PO BOX 666, North Melbourne, Victoria 3051 Phone: (03) 9320 4360 Freecall: 1800 638 802