Driveway assistance

Driveway Assistance is a service initiative of the VACC (Victorian Automobile Chamber of Commerce) offered at some service stations across Victoria. People who find it difficult to fill their vehicle up with fuel due to disability or medical reason can sound their horn to alert an attendant to fill up for them.

Some service stations offer this on a continuous basis, others only at certain times or specified days.

If your local area does not have a service station that formally offers Driveway Assistance, you may wish to build a relationship with your local station and make arrangements yourself. This might mean calling ahead of time to let them know you are coming, or arranging a time to fill up where there are enough attendants available to assist you.

Paying from your car[edit]

Don't forget to check what the payment options are at each station before you get there so you aren't required to leave your vehicle (e.g. cash, pay wave, credit card with signing option).

Finding a Driveway Assistance service station[edit]

Service stations who offer this driveway assistance have a sign to alert motorists (see below) - look out for it at on your travels or click on this link to the VACC to see a list of Driveway Assistance providers across Victoria or near you.

Driveway assist logo.png