Accommodation checklist

Booking accommodation[edit]

You will need to ask a lot of questions. This could be over the phone, or via email. Some of the information you will need to know includes:

  • Do you have access to the check in office? Are there any steps, and will you be able to open the door?
  • Is there a curb/step between the car park and the room?
  • Is there a step into the room?
  • What number is the room? Are you able to park near the room upon arrival (very handy if you are travelling by yourself)?


  • Height of bed (recommended 470mm) Are you able to get a hoist under the bed?
  • Distance beside bed for transferring (800mm)?
  • Are the light switches accessible from the bed?
  • Bedside bed lamps often have push through switches that can be difficult to operate.
  • Electric blankets can burn your skin or have ridges that can leave pressure marks.


  • Is there enough room between the wall and toilet to fit a commode (150 - 200mm)?
  • Is there enough room to self transfer beside toilet (800mm)?
  • What are the height of hand rails in the shower and beside the toilet (800 - 810mm)?
  • Are there any lips or dips into the shower recess?
  • Is there a hand held shower hose?
  • Is there a self-transfer fold down seat or shower seat with rubber non-slip feet?

Note: Don't use plastic outdoor furniture as chair legs can buckle from the hot water or even break whilst transferring.

  • Has the hand basin got space underneath so you can get a wheelchair under it?
  • Is the toilet door hinged or sliding?
  • Is the mirror adjustable or low enough for a person in a wheelchair to use?


  • Is the door width 800mm or wider? Are the door knobs round or lever type?
  • Will reception desk be staffed to allow entry
  • Can you have an additional key for an attendant to gain access to your room?
  • Is the TV remote controlled?
  • Will the motel fit your waterproof blanket?
  • Is there knee space under the bench in the kitchen?