Funding for equipment

It can be quite confusing to navigate through the funding options and processes required to obtain equipment and other essential supports after a Spinal Cord Injury. Options are grouped into Compensable and Non-compensable funding.


Transport Accident Commission

  • TAC stands for Transport Accident Commission
  • This is available for those injured in a transport accident
  • There will be an Early Support Coordinator then Active Support Coordinator allocated who will be your primary contact person
  • If you are requesting equipment, a TAC specific Equipment Prescription form needs to be completed by a qualified therapist

WorkSafe Victoria

  • WorkSafe provides support for those injured in a workplace accident
  • Some clients are managed under TAC or alternate insurance bodies such as CGU
  • A WorkSafe agent or insurance body contact person will be allocated who will notify you if your claim is transferred to another area
  • If you are managed under WorkSafe an equipment prescription form needs to be completed by qualified therapist if you are requesting equipment
  • Other insurance bodies may have their own forms or request a letter

Department of Veterans' Affairs

  • Department of Veterans' Affairs assists those who have served in the Australian Defence Force and sometimes their families depending on the circumstance
  • They will assist for items that are related to service
  • Requests for equipment require the completion of a Rehabilitation Appliance Program (RAP) form or a justification letter by a qualified therapist


If you are not eligible for any of the compensable funding bodies, you may be able to access services under the Department of Human Services.

  • The State-Wide Equipment Program is funded by Department of Human Services and is administered by Ballarat Health Services
  • The State-Wide Equipment Program (SWEP) (formerly known as The Victorian Aids and Equipment Program) subsidises the cost of equipment for anyone with a permanent disability and/or frail aged and is a permanent resident of Victoria
  • You are ineligible if you live in aged care facility or have access to other funding, such as VWA,TAC or DVA
  • It is not means tested but if you receive other government packages such as an aged care package there may be some restriction
  • For any equipment requests a prescription form needs to be completed by qualified therapist
  • As there is great demand on this service there are often lengthy waitlists. Discuss with your therapist and contact SWEP directly to check where the process is up to