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Nowadays online earning have gained a huge popularity by the people who use internet and also interested about internet. People likes to use computer for earning instead of sweating and working hard in the offices. They fell comfortable working and earning in online. There are some websites in online which gives the interested people oppurtunity to earn in online. This sites calls PTC . Which means paid to click. People can earn money by clicking different links advertisement and by sign up. After working one or two month they get payment. So zur life has become very easy by online earning sites. But the one who wants to earn in online have to create an account in a website which will give him money for some works. For creating account the user need an email adress which is sometimes compulsury. After creating an account the user have to finish some task given by the website for earning. After finishing the tasks the user will get paid. But there are some websites whose dont give money to the user instead of their hard work. So a user should be aware of choosing trusted ptc sites
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