Chrysler Voyager for Disabled

Postby lucy » Mon Mar 30, 2015 9:59 pm

Do you know about an Chrysler Voyager Vehicle which is fully accessible for the wheelchair user. I've seen this vehicle last month, this is very helpful for the disabled.
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Re: Chrysler Voyager for Disabled

Postby Dagwood » Mon Jul 13, 2015 7:35 pm

I've been driving a Chrysler Voyager from my wheelchair for fifteen years and my life wouldn't have been the same without it. I'm a C6/7 complete quadriplegic but can wheel into the side door and lock myself into the driving position. It can carry three passengers in the back seat and one beside the driver; or it can be easily converted so an upright can drive it and my wheelchair can lock in beside the driver. I can park alongside a curb so when the Voyager kneels down on its air suspension the ramp goes down onto the pavement with an easy slope. It's not cheap, but it gives me a degree of independence, without the frustrations and dysfunctions of relying on taxis.

PS: I would be prepared to rent it out on a regular basis to the right person in the Eastern suburbs.

PPS: One problem is that I can't fill it with petrol so I have to get my wife or a carer to do that. If anyone knows of an old fashioned petrol station where they man the petrol pump for you, please let me know where it is. There is one in McKinnon Road McKinnon, city side of the railway line, but that's too far from me now and I haven't been able to find another one.
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