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Tkr short term pain

PostPosted: Sat Nov 04, 2017 8:57 pm
by JoeClark
Hi everyone

I’ve had a tkr 9 days ago and basically the pain level is not getting any better I have achieved thus far a 90deg bend in my leg and can walk relatively easily with both crutches,I’m trying to do all the expertise’s 3 to 4 times per day but am struggling a bit. Is it normal at this stage to have that sort of discomfort whereby no matter where you have leg when resting ( elevated) you just can’t find a comfortable spot. And secondly it seems to me that the pain through my leg is considerable.

does the pain reduce say after 14 days or does it continue for 4wks before overall pain reduces.

im on 5mg endone every 6hrs with a couple of panadol.

i would appreciate any feedback

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